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The world of proximity sensors is the world of Contrinex. Inductive sensors and photoelectric sensors are in the range which offer high performance as well as special features for demainding applications. No matter what your application, there will always be a suitable switch in the Contrinex sensor range.

Contrinex proximity switches are able to reliably deal with the most critical demands for information. Efficiently, effortlessly, and under practically all working conditions.

Inductive proximity switches from CONTRINEX benefit from their patented Condist® oscillator giving significantly better stability with respect to environmental influences, in particular, temperature.

The improved stability permits the switch point to be further away, leading to longer operating distances. The subsequent assemblies are no different from those of inductive proximity switches with standard operating distances. Material dependency is similar to conventional oscillators.

The Contrinex range of inductive proximity swithces include all metal units, which are of particular use in harsh environments or when the switches are subject to collisions with other objects. 

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    Product Range >> CONTRINEX