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Ultrasonic sensors use the time of flight measurement principle of ultrasonic pulses in order to accurately and repeatably determine the position and distances of objects in automatic processes.

Specially coded ultrasonic signals are transmitted in a set pattern and then reflected by the target object. This reflected signal is then received by the sensor and decoded. The recorded time of flight is temperature compensated and converted to distance.

Ultrasonic sensors are used for many different tasks, including:

  • Detection of moving objects, including glass
  • Presence detection of objects and people
  • Object counting
  • Completeness checks
  • Level measurement
  • Winding and unwinding control of coils of paper, textiles and foil
  • Web tension or loop control
  • Collission avoidance

PIL are a long established, well respected manufacturer of Ultrasonic distance sensors.




  • Ultrasonic Distance Sensors

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    Product Range >> PIL ULTRASONICS